Often we are trying to change what we think and how we feel by resisting our experience. Natural Rest allows us to be with our experience with less and less resistance.

I invite you to a guided meditation to experience restful presence allowing all words, mental images, emotions and sensations to be as they are.

“The simple instruction to rest and let everything be as it is naturally reduces our tendency to try and change our experience. Instead, we begin to allow thoughts (i.e. words and pictures), emotions and sensations to come to rest more easily into a gentle, quiet peace. Through the Natural Rest way of recovery, we come to discover a peace and freedom previously unknown to our experience. We find a natural capacity to live and enjoy life without being identified with thoughts, emotions and sensations. In that experiential recognition, we free ourselves from enslavement to addictive substances and activities.”                  

                                                         -Scott Kiloby                                                                                                                                          

Natural Rest is a form of mindfulness practice and can be lived a couple of minutes a day in any life situation, no sitting required.

This Group meets Sundays from 6pm to 7:30pm at my house.
Please contact me for more information. Investment: $20

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