Are you tired of dealing with fear? Does your happiness depend on…? Are you anxious? Are you not good enough? Do you feel like a victim, powerless, helpless?  Are you depressed?   Do you want freedom, peace and happiness?  Are you missing out on life? Is your mind spinning in circles?

You want freedom, peace and happiness?

I facilitate you to really look and see if there is anything in the way of it right now. With the inquiries you can find freedom, peace and happiness underneath your anxiety, anger, depression, addiction and pain. I have personally experienced and witnessed the transformative power of both inquiry processes and how they support people in going beyond the stories of the mind and the experiences in the body.

People report that these shifts enable them to:

Drop anxiety levels.     Feel more present in the unfolding of life.     Stabilize moods.     Truly meet whatever arises.     Experience a clear mind in a grounded body.     Stay relaxed in stressful situations.     Reduce reactivity.

inquiry with lava