In an inquiry session with The Work I help you to identify your stressful thoughts and underlying beliefs you bring to the session and inquire into them.

I support you in seeing your experiences clearly which have caused you pain and suffering. You can learn the simple process of The Work and experience the power of your own answers and your own wisdom – a mind-blowing experience – that can bring you peace. You come to know yourself intimately.



In a KI-session we look at whatever brings you here: deficiency stories, anxieties, compulsions, addictions, thoughts about the world etc. If you believe “it” to be here, it must be findable as a “self”, a thing, a threat or an urge. I facilitate you to look at everything that comes up: thoughts you hear and images you see; and to feel the feelings and sensations that arise. In the looking through all the words and images that arise and being with the feelings in their rawness, a sense of presence with whatever comes up is possible, embracing it all. In that I experience freedom and happiness beyond words.


We walk from my house on trails into the Santa Fe National Forest. Walking can create a smooth flow in mind and heart, allowing answers during inquiry to arise with surprising ease.


In these sessions you learn to guide yourself through the process of The Work or KI.

You will learn skills to:

identify thoughts, feelings and sensations

inquire on your own in your daily life

meet tough and challenging situations

find safety in the present moment

integrate and maintain well being

cultivate mindfulness

and remember resting and enjoying life.


FreeFlow Sessions might include the The Work, KI, Creative Art Process, Bodywork all of which are tailored to address your unique needs, interests and comfort level. The process includes somatic tools such as breath, touch, vocalization and stillness; verbal dialogue; the expressive arts of writing, drawing, movement; being in nature. This process happens spontaneously and collaboratively.


using The Work, KI or FreeFlow
I offer the opportunity to come to a personalized retreat in times of life challenges, transitions and change. Free from the distractions of daily life, in the high desert, I offer a nurturing, supportive space and time to pause and meet yourself in inquiry.

Tailored to your issues and needs I will facilitate you. Spontaneous and creative exercises, silence and guided meditations can assist to unearth deeply held beliefs and concepts. They are part of the retreat curriculum to go further into identifying stories and creating new awareness and mindfulness.

I offer time, space and support to deeply inquire into the situations you want to look at. You have the opportunity to reconnect with your wisdom, creativity and openness.

The retreat is a time to commit to exploring yourself and sensing yourself from within. It provides a safe and restful environment for learning to be present with yourself as you are and life as it is.

I offer post retreat assistance to you in integrating your realizations in your daily life at home with a customized aftercare program.

Please get in touch with me for individualized arrangements that fit your needs.

We work together one on one, a minimum of 3 days, 4 hours or more a day, in Santa Fe, NM or in Germany, or where you live tailored to your needs using The Work and/or Living Inquiries and/or FreeFlow.


Everyone who comes to me is as wise as I am. In inquiry, each person finds her own answers. As a facilitator, I listen, ask questions and guide you to look, feel and become aware of your experiences. I refrain from giving advice or doing therapy. You can experience what is, and move forward in life fearlessly with clarity, peace, integrity, and kind action.


Single one on one sessions

for 60 – 90 minutes on the phone, or Zoom from the comfort of your home or in person at my office in Santa Fe.
Note: Kiloby Inquiry sessions take 60 – 90 minutes.

One-on-One session, The Work: USD / EUR 120

One-on-One session, Kiloby Inquiries: USD / EUR 169

A discounted fee is available for people in need based on an honor system. Please contact me.

Inquiry Packages

Packages consist of 4 – 12 sessions or more. I recommend a commitment of 3 – 6 months or longer. Contact me for prices.

These packages are a way to continue your inner discovery over a stretch of time. You can deepen your sense of who/what you are.

Package of 4 / 8 sessions, The Work: USD / EUR 440 / 820

Package of 4 / 8 sessions, Kiloby Inquiries: USD / EUR 549 / 999

A discounted fee is available for people in need based on an honor system, please contact me.

Note: you can cancel your coaching session 24 hours in advance free of charge, thereafter I charge the full amount.

Personalized one on one Retreats

12 hours of personalized one-on-one facilitation sessions in 3 days:

USD / EUR 1100 – USD / EUR 1230 sliding scale for 3 days, 4 hours each day.

As a facilitator I support you in meeting what is present for you.
Bring your desperate needs, your ongoing urges, your compulsive wantings, your irresistible commands and demanding drives, your injunctions, your shoulds, musts and have tos, not to mention all those must nots, and no, no, No! – never agains…… and if you want to find yourself, lose yourself, relax compulsions, ease anxieties I am here for you to facilitate you with the Inquiries.
I invite you to find out for yourself and contact me for a session.

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