I am a Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie, the Living Inquiries and the Kiloby Inquiries. These inquiries are like breathing, happening automatically, involuntarily in me. My hurt and frustration, my concepts, strategies, evaluations of experiences–, nothing escapes my inquiry. I enjoy an authentic human life with everything that arises, the joys and sorrows, welcoming ALL; no exception.

It is a privilege and an honor for me to use my skills as a facilitator, to hold the space as trust and intimacy arise. The connection with the irresistible true self becomes as irresistible as the restless drives that keep us from ourselves. Into all of this we can inquire.

Some shifts I have experienced in doing the The Work:

A mother who left her son, now discovering a mother who is free of guilt and has loved her son all along. A daughter who rejected her family, now seeing how much she is like her mother and loving herself for it. A traveler for years in search of a home, struggling with a sense of belonging, migrating to another continent, now has found her home inside wherever she is. An “I” that was restless, critical, distant, aloof, manipulating, comparing, rebelling and testing others for love, now discovering an “I” that doesn’t see many problems anymore, stays calm in crises, speaks her truth fearlessly and rests in the solitude and quietness of her internal life.

With the Living Inquiries and the Kiloby Inquiries I see through many deficiency stories and do not find the one I believed myself to be. I experience less resistance and avoidance to feel my feelings and rest in them without a label or story. My compulsive behavior to be perfect and efficient turns into laughter about my mistakes. Examining my assumptions that I take to be real and seeing them for what they are leads to taking myself not so seriously anymore. With seemingly opposing concepts like truth and lies I do not have any idea anymore what they really mean.

I bring my genuine curiosity, love of adventure and exploration into my facilitation. The Work, the Living Inquiries and Kiloby Inquiries are these days the basis for my practice of facilitation including the expressive arts, body work and nature. In addition my background includes shamanic work, body/mind integrative therapy, subtle energy work and the Life/Art Process. I am an ordained minister. I facilitated thousands of people one on one, in workshops and trainings over the last 30 years. In the academic world I hold an MA in Sociology and a PhD in Philosophy.
I love living in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, NM, USA and spending spending some time in Europe as well.

Bring your desperate needs, your ongoing urges, your compulsive wantings, your irresistible commands and demanding drives, your injunctions, your shoulds, musts and have tos, not to mention all those must nots, and no, no, No! – never again…… and if you want to find yourself, lose yourself, relax compulsions, ease anxieties. I would love to facilitate you.

Things I make

I like to express myself, play and experiment with materials such as found objects or recycled materials, steel, wood, plaster, paint and pigments, panty hose, barrier cloth, epoxy, latex, tar, hardware cloth… whatever inspires me… and put them together. I sew, weld, chainsaw, sand… make things… sometimes they are useful like a table.

inquiry with lava